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On-camera auditions have become an integral part of the casting process. Whether it's "in the room" with casting, or a self-submitted tape, being able to confidently display your work for the camera is important.

We provide essential taped audition training to actors through classes and workshops. From the small stuff to the big stuff; important rules and technical tricks that allow your performance to shine.

Have your own space?

We bring Intrepid Tapes to you! We can setup our lighting, sound and camera within your current class space, to allow your actors to continue working and learning in a space in which they feel comfortable.

What's included:

  • Lecture / Q&A
  • Full studio taping setup
  • Reader & camera operator
  • Taping session for each student
  • Notes / coaching
  • Edited and delivered tapes

How it works:

We begin the workshop with a short informative lecture about the taping process. We cover general concepts and rules, detail tips and tricks from our experience behind the camera, and answer questions from the class. Each student will have the opportunity to put a short scene on tape, receive adjustments, then tape again. During adjustments we share specific technical suggestions for the benefit of the actor and the rest of the class. The workshop is concluded with a final short Q&A.

After the workshop, each student's tape is edited and uploaded for viewing by the student, as well as the instructor for review and notes.

Pricing is based on class size and travel requirements. For more information, or for a quote, email

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